The New Skincare Product for Cannabis Enthusiasts and Korean Beauty Practitioners Alike



Kannamask combines the trends of Korean skincare and CBD for a superpowered beauty product for chill skin.



When people think about the effects of cannabis, they don’t often think about skincare— but a new product might change that. The appropriately named Kannamask employs Cannabidoil, also known as CBD, an ingredient known to reduce inflammation and redness, in an innovative new sheet mask— a popular product that originated in the revered world of Korean skincare. While using cannabis in skincare is a relatively new concept, the trendy ingredient just might have the potential to revolutionize skincare as we know it— and one small company out of Victoria, BC is blazing a trail by producing the world’s first CBD-infused sheet mask as well as algae based CBD infused eye gel patches.


While some might be a little wary of using a product that includes cannabis, it’s important to note: CBD, unlike its relative THC, is non-psychoactive. Using Kannamask will allow a person’s skin to chill out; their minds, however, will remain in whatever state they were before the mask went on. While we have not yet seen its use in products like sunscreen and toothpaste, CBD has demonstrated its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory, meaning it soothes and comforts irritated skin. In addition, it’s a known antioxidant and relaxant, providing nourishment and relief to faces that need a little TLC.


Kannamask’s sheet masks are made of 100 percent cotton and infused with lavender extract, honey, and 50mg CBD. Lavender balances the oils in the skin and helps promote healing, while honey is both antibacterial and moisturizing. There is no scent added, and the masks are crafted with the most sensitive of skin in mind— but the balance of ingredients is beneficial for every skin type. Kannamask believes: “We combined these ingredients to make sure that all skin types can have a chill experience leaving one feeling cool and refreshed.”


In addition to the face mask sheets, Kannamask has created Algae based eye gel patches infused with 30mg CBD as well as Caffeine in order to reduce dark circles under one’s eyes. Perfect for a quite reset after a long week at the office.